Ekologix helps wastewater treatment facilities to optimize their biological treatment processes, increase efficiency and upgrade them in a sustainable manner. 

When you need creative and cost-effective analysts to optimize your water pollution control system's process performance and efficiency and you don't need full-blown international consulting corporations, try Ekologix Earth-Friendly Solutions.

Our mission is to develop :



         and Logical solutions

in short, Ekologix earth-friendly and sustainable solutions will ensure a better world for the next generations.

Our business is the continuous improvement of biological wastewater treatment performance by developing innovative solutions, methods, tools, technologies, and processes to unusual or complex problems and systems (not their symptoms though); and/or improve existing solutions in more efficient and sustainable fashion.
  • We develop energy-efficient solutions for the mixing and aeration of biological reactors customized for our client's individual needs (whether reactors are anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic and oxic or alternating more than one of said conditions in one reactor).
  • We provide professional services for upgrading, rehabilitation, and optimization of existing biological processes for the treatment of wastewater (whether activated sludge based or any other hybrid system incorporating suspended growth systems (such as MBBR, IFAS) or high purity oxygen (HPO).

  • Our professional services comprise: system analysis, process hydraulics optimization, developing "lean" methods and standards such as process logics, protocols or standard operating procedures (SOP), operation trouble-shooting and continuous improvement in process automation, process modeling, related computer and automation technologies.

Please spend a few minutes looking around; check our  services, or take a look at our references. And if you don't find what you want, take a few seconds and contact us - maybe we know someone who can do just what you want.

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